Rid the community of the industrial polluters who contaminate the air quality of South Bronx residents and its 400,000+ children by organizing a community awareness campaign.

I will fight for a green transition across key sectors with priorities such as:

  • Buildings infrastructure – programs to emphasize weatherization and incentivize development with no new natural gas infrastructure  
  • Transportation – investments in innovative systems of electric public transportation
  • Agriculture – economic support programs that help farmers invest in sustainable farming practices, improve soil quality, and increase carbon sequestration

We must create robust workforce development pathways so that New Yorkers will benefit from the new jobs that will be created and make sure that our environmental programs prioritize and empower disadvantaged communities. Our goals for deploying renewable energy should not compete with the need to preserve New York’s prime agricultural soils, but rather they should be developed in a way that boosts our rural and farm economy.  

We should also be aware that, historically black and brown families have been redlined out of quality, safe housing. Often pushed to the areas near pollution and factories, lack of clean air and drinking water.

According to a study by Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, On average, Black Americans experience about 56% percent more pollution than they generate. For Hispanic Americans, it’s slightly higher at 63%. However, the opposite is true for White Americans, who actually experience 17% less pollution than they produce.

Public health experts have long known that people who live in areas of heavy pollution are more prone to comorbid diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure. A study in April found that people subjected to long-term exposure to air pollution are more likely to have a serious case of Covid than those in areas with cleaner air. And black people are more likely to live in areas that are polluted.

That is why we must put voices from those communities at the table. We have to be intentional and acknowledge environmental racism, and ensure we put policies in place that work to undo this. We must make sure that green jobs go to those who have been pushed aside by those more privileged and powerful. All humans have the right to clean air and water. 

I will work to make sure that implementation programs match the ambitions of Bronx goals, and that our region gets the resources we need to build resilient, equitable, and walkable communities. Our clean water and air are precious natural resources and the foundation of our economy, and they must be protected.

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