Alberto Torres, Candidate for the NYS 84th Assembly District Bronx, New York

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Dear Friend,

Alberto Torres is a proud New York native and a respected community advocate for the Bronx. As a dedicated attorney in the South Bronx he works hard to create a sustainable future for the residents of the 84th Assembly and Bronx communities who live in under-resourced neighborhoods.

Alberto Torres began his career in civic service more than 30 years, working for non-profit agencies and serving the 84th Assembly District and Bronx Communities. Alberto Torres have and will continuously fight for the passage the Freedom To Vote Act by hosting community information sessions. Alberto Torres hosted community events such as the green thumb community garden to help the youth prevent gang activity while also creating youth educational forums to bridge relationships between residents and neighborhood partners. Alberto Torres’ natural leadership and organizing skills were honed by advocating for families, seniors, young adults and students on community important issues, while identifying and allocating much time and needed resources to neighborhoods of the 84th Assembly District in the South Bronx.

Alberto Torres’ dedication and passion to the 84th Assembly District has earned Alberto a seat on a number of Advisory Committees, he was community work. Alberto Torres will continue his life’s work – of motivating and inspiring, leading with passion and advocating for the community – as a member of the New York State Assembly representing the great residents of Assembly District 84.

A true community leader, Alberto Torres sprang into action when the COVID-19 pandemic hit New York City, heavily impacting already vulnerable neighborhoods. He collaborated to organize food and PPE distributions and has connected residents to other much-needed resources. As our city recovers, he looks forward to helping create a plan for sustainable recovery for the 84th Assembly District and the City and State of New York.

Alberto Torres has been a lifelong South Bronx resident dedicated to the needs of his community. He continues to commit his professional life to social causes in the South Bronx Black and Latino communities. Alberto Torres continues to implement his commitment to grassroots outreach, organizing, and education in his community. Alberto Torres was the first in his family to graduate from college and law school and maintains a law office in the Bronx which services his community. At present, Alberto Torres’ public service entails being a non-salaried Commissioner on the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission.

Alberto Torres’ Community Platform is:

  • to increase educational reform with respect to the “No Child Left Behind” Act because “education lights the spark from which there is no limitations.”
  • to establish greater ‘after school’ activities, mentor programs, supplementary tutoring sessions and honor student enhancement programs/initiatives throughout South Bronx School Districts.
  • to improve the Bronx residents’ quality of life and keep Bronx streets safe by bringing in additional financial resources to combat drug and alcohol dependency and create jobs.
  • to outreach to corporate America to attract greater and meaningful jobs for the immediate South Bronx community.
  • to rid the community of the industrial polluters who contaminate the air quality of South Bronx residents and its 400,000+ children by organizing a community awareness campaign.
  • to foster an alliance on the very significant relationship between the Black and Latino communities because “the hopes and dreams for our children and ourselves are all the same.”

Alberto Torres needs your support in fulfilling his dreams of working to achieve the goals of empowerment and greater prosperity in the 84th Assembly District.

“Dare to dream and never accept mediocrity or complacency” — Alberto Torres

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